Puppy and Adult dog classes in Leith and Portobello.

Puppy Classes

  • For dogs younger than 6 months

    Learn the basics like sit, stay, leave and build confidence

  • Meet up to 6 other puppies in a controlled environment

    Puppies learn how to interact and play nicely and owners learn how to read body language

  • Answers to your burning puppy questions

    Toilet training, crate training, puppy crying at night or not settling? We’ve got the answers

  • Classes are 50 minutes long

    Enough time to play, have fun and learn

Life Skills Classes

  • For dogs older than 6 months

    Dogs are challenged beyond the basics and learn valuable life skills

  • Learn how handle your dog, and read it’s body language

    We will also cover common struggles like walking nicely on lead, recall, jumping up and staying when told

  • Learn by playing short 5 minute games

    Games build life skills like confidence, optimism and self control, and you can use them instead of a daily walk

  • Classes are 50 minutes long

    Enough time to play, have fun and learn

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conrad training a dog on a bed

I’m Conrad. Head trainer at Tail Academy Dog Training. I’m a qualified Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) and Pro Dog Trainer based in Edinburgh, but happy to travel all over Scotland’s central belt.