About Our Training Method

Our training method differs from other training out there. We’ve found that it’s important to teach standard commands like sit, stay, come and so on, but dog training really becomes fun when you’re training these behaviours through fun games.

We’re a concepts based training academy. Most training focusses on changing a dogs behaviour. We recognise that the behaviour is usually driven by the dog experiencing an emotional response to a situation. We’re focusing to change the dogs emotional response so that your dog becomes calm, settled and optimistic.

So what does that mean exactly?

Imagine you’re walking your dog in the park and suddenly your dog lunges and barks at a man cycling by. You wonder why your dog has done that? Well it could be because the dog is fearful of men on bikes, or your dog is worried that the man might cause them harm.

A standard training method using positive reinforcement is to desensitise the dog to people on bikes. That works, and we do use that method, but we strengthen that training by playing games to build your dogs confidence. A confident dog won’t fear the world.

So that’s concept training then?

Exactly, concepts help reshape the dog’s brain through playing 5 minute games. Playing games prepares the dog for any situation the world throws at them.

That not only improves your relationship with your dog, but will teach you to work together as a team.

conrad training a dog on a bed

I’m Conrad. Head trainer at Tail Academy Dog Training. I’m a qualified Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) and Pro Dog Trainer based in Edinburgh, but happy to travel all over Scotland’s central belt.